Monday, November 1, 2010


This recipe comes from Thom and Joanne Smith.
It comes from Thom's mother who still makes it with fresh potato dumplings
Cabbage (green) 2 large heads
Bacon (slab) 1 1/2 pounds
Potato dumplings 48ounces
Slice cabbage into 1/2 inch strips
Place into a large roasting pan
Slice bacon into 1 inch pieces
Sprinkle bacon across cabbage in the pan
Place into pre-heated oven at 325 degrees
Cook for about 2 hours stirring occasionally
After cabbage has cooked down drain off excess liquid and add dumplings
Cook for another 45 minutes or until everything is done
I could not find any potato dumplings except for the Italian kind and I think I should have followed the package directions because they came out a little chewy. Next time I will boil them and add them at the end, otherwise it was pretty good. I also drained the mixture in a colander over a bowl so the grease from the bacon would drain out. This took a few minutes while I put together the rest of the dinner.

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